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Ivy Rain vs Lola Ray

Lovely Lola Ray is certainly a very keen fighter who is looking to make a big name for herself on the MWC mats.

But she is also a tad small and that is something her gorgeous rival Ivy Rain picks up on almost as soon as they square up to each other in the Mats of Doom Room.

After circling her like a big cat eyeing up a vulnerable baby deer for lunch, Ivy remarks on Lola’s size and warns her that she is going to twist her up like a “pretzel”.

And you would certainly be forgiven for thinking that is exactly what is going to happen in this case as Ivy launches herself at her foe, getting on top and sucking her with a breast smother and grapevine pin combination!

Despite Lola’s willingness and enthusiasm to battle, Ivy starts to impose herself with a variety of pins and scissors that leave her smaller opponent struggling and looking like she might end up overwhelmed.

But Lola is made of much sterner stuff than that. She certainly didn’t just come to make up the numbers or to be a doormat for Ivy - a headlock and pin in particular proving that point.

And what follows is some quality and fabulous wrestling as both girls turn it on in the search for a win to give them the bragging rights over each other.

We see more grapevine pins, body scissors, face sits, a lot of breast smothers, bear hugs, headlocks and limbs being bent and twisted into shapes they are simply not meant to go!

They are relatively new to the scene but there is a hell of a lot of skill on show from both of these beauties.

There is a clear and delighted winner by the time the fight draws to a close but there is much respect between both Ivy and Lola.

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