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Ivy Rain vs Kassidy

Beautiful English rose Ivy Rain takes on one of her toughest challenges yet here at Monica’s Wrestling Centre when she takes on the phenomenal and gorgeous Kassidy.

Kassidy has forged a reputation over the years for being quick, incredibly skilled and extremely strong and that is intimidating for anyone to face, let alone a girl who is still relatively new to the scene.

But one of the reasons Ivy has already gathered many admirers is the fact she never ducks a fight and there was never going to be any question of her not showing up at the Mats of Doom Room for this one.

Kassidy is clearly in the mood though as soon as they start when she grabs hold of her smaller opponent and traps her in a “lovely” grapevine to give her a taste of what is to come.

Ivy suffers but comes again, only this time she finds herself in the clutches of her illustrious rival and tapping out again from a nasty looking arm lock - ouch!

Full credit to Ivy though as when it looks like Kassidy is going to run away with it without having to break sweat, she shows her what she is made of and introduces her to her ample breasts, applying a great smother!

Kassidy is forced to ramp up the intensity again but she finds that Ivy is growing in confidence and proves that, even if she is to go down, she will go down fighting.

There are back breakers, camel clutches, ankle locks, a variety of pins, body scissors, head locks - and not all of them are executed by Kassidy!

By the end, the winner is clear and obvious but you often learn more about fighters in defeat and this clearly proves Ivy is getting better and better! An awesome, intriguing contest!

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