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Ivy Rain vs Jeannie Hunter

When you put two talented beauties at different ends of their wrestling careers in the MWC Mats of Doom Room, there is a chance there will be fireworks.

English rose Ivy Rain has excelled in the tight confines of the room in the many matches she has had in there but she had her work cut out when paired up against the amazing American Jeannie Hunter.

Despite the daunting task, Ivy didn’t seem nervous in the slightest and instead, the two women locked up and were soon rolling around trying to get an early advantage in this highly anticipated contest.

It was Jeannie who struck first when she finally trapped her younger rival in a head lock and body scissor combination which Ivy Rain most definitely felt, judging by how she clutched her side in pain after she was free.

But if the more experienced and strong woman was expecting an easy ride, Ivy Rain came roaring back and showed off her own skills first with a headlock and then with a school girl pin!

This set the scene for more impressive moves which brought about success for both of these warriors as the fight wore on.

There were body scissors, arm bars, head locks, choke holds, a variety of pins and more combination holds which certainly made an impact.

Equally impressive was the ability of both ladies to withstand some punishment that would have broken lesser fighters and resist the temptation to tap out.

They fight all over the mats in the room and the action is hard and intense from start to finish as these two proud ladies seek submissions as if they are going out of fashion.

Ivy and Jeannie battle right to the end and, while there is a clear winner, it is a pulsating contest in which both ladies deserve immense credit!

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