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Ivy Rain vs Ina Black

The exquisite Ivy Rain is fearless and never shirks any challenge whenever she steps into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain for a match.

But she’d have been forgiven if she’d fought twice before agreeing to this Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ match up against the formidable, legendary powerhouse Ina Black!

The imposing Bulgarian never takes any prisoners of course and she doesn’t care what the size of her rival is - she always goes out to teach them a harsh lesson they’ll never forget.

If Ivy was feeling nervous however, she wasn’t showing them as she warmed up and circled Ina before the action got underway.

When it did though, Ina proved why she is such a daunting prospect as she started getting to work on twisting Ivy up and stretching her into angles we didn’t know a human body could be stretched into!

The smile on her face told us she had evil plans in store for Ivy and she certainly delivered on those promises as she set about taking the younger and smaller woman apart and inflicting as much damage as she could on her.

We saw headlocks, body scissors, camel clutches, knees to the back, cross body pins, stomps and combination holds applied by Ina who was relishing it all.

Ivy though is a spirited and ever improving fighter and an elbow to the gut, kick and even some hairpulling to a visibly shocked and pained Ina reminded the Bulgarian that she wasn’t just going to lay down and take things easily.

This only provoked Ina even more though and Ina was soon back to dishing out some serious damage to Ivy!

Both women enjoyed some moments in the remainder of the contest, which ended in a rather brutal fashion for the loser! A fabulous contest!


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