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Ivy Rain vs Honey J

We thought this would be an intriguing match up between two curvy beauties and, my word, we were not disappointed.

Exquisite Ivy Rain, who has been getting better and better with each passing fight, took on MWC newcomer gorgeous Honey J in the confined space of the Mats of Doom Room where there would be no escape for either.

Not that they were looking to escape. On the contrary, they seemed delighted to be tangling and both were ready to battle from the start.

Honey has a height advantage but Ivy wasn’t in the least bit daunted by that as they grabbed hold of each other and rolled around looking to get the advantage.

And it was Ivy who struck first with a crushing head lock that, despite her best efforts, Honey realised she wouldn’t be able to get out of.

Not that she was daunted by this start, of course, and in fact she soon levelled things up with an inventive move that had Ivy desperately tapping out! Game well and truly on!

And the punishment continued to be dished out by both beauties as they looked to exert their authority over one another.

There were breast smothers, head locks, body scissors and pins which earned submissions in favour of both of them.

Ivy and Honey spent a good deal of time body to body and limbs all tangled up as they fought all over the room in a cracking contest between two strong fighters giving it their all.

The initiative went back and forth throughout the entire contest which meant each submission became even more important as the match reached the latter stages.

They were still fighting when it was time to end the match and we were left with one delighted winner - much to the annoyance and disappointment of her rival!

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