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Ivy Rain v McKenzie

Take two of the hottest up and coming stars of the wrestling scene and put them on the MWC mats and what do you get? That’s right, a sexy and exciting battle - that’s what.

Brunette beauty Ivy Rain and blonde bombshell McKenzie have delighted us many times in their fairly short careers so far and we always thought they’d be a great match up and thankfully we were not disappointed.

McKenzie has a little height advantage and a fair amount more experience but Ivy is developing so quickly and enthusiastically, the blonde would have known she’d have her work cut out.

And sure enough, it was McKenzie who came out strong and attacked first as she tried to impose herself on her fellow gorgeous grappler.

But Ivy is no pushover and she will always make her rivals work for their submissions - as McKenzie found out when she was on top before being abruptly pushed off by her determined foe.

It was, however, McKenzie who struck first after an intense couple of minutes when she managed to make Ivy tap out from a firmly applied breast smother.

But Ivy has impressive assets of her own and a will to win so it came as no shock to us when she reversed fortunes and gave Mckenzie a taste of her own medicine.

And we were treated to a whole lot more as the talented ladies went all out for victory by trapping each other in a variety of painful looking moves.

We saw grapevine pins, body scissors, cross body pins, more breast smothers, school girl pins, head scissors and head locks as the two showed off their impressive skills.

The fought all over the mats right to the bitter end but by then there was on clear winner out of the two. Make no mistake - this is a pulsating must have match for your collections!

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