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Ivy Rain Humiliates Rex

We can’t work out whether Rex is just foolishly over-confident or he has never seen or even heard about exquisite Ivy Rain’s talents when it comes to wrestling.

As they square up on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats, he proudly boasts how he is going to win their match, a claim which is scoffed at by the gorgeous opponent he is standing against!

Ivy isn’t impressed or fazed by his bold claims and instead just sets about proving just how wrong he is and instantly going on the attack with a crushing headlock which takes him down to the mats and under her spell within seconds.

Rex initially claims he is letting her have the advantage but it isn’t long before the more truthful admission of “You’re stronger than I thought!” comes from his mouth due to the superior Ivy Rain!

Already in total control, Ivy seeks to press home her advantage further when she traps him in a breast smother which has him coughing and spluttering immediately as he desperately seeks some respite from her attacks.

Not that Ivy is ever going to give him much of a break as she moved through the gears to catch him in a variety of moves which left him no option but to submit to!

Rex suffered body scissors, roll up pins, breast smothers, head locks, face sits, schoolgirl pins, camel clutches, head scissors and combination holds which certainly took their toll on him!

He did make the odd attempt to attack Ivy himself but they barely registered as she relentlessly put him through hell both physically and verbally - her trash talking was most certainly on point throughout!

Rex’s pre-match boasts were rammed back down his throat and Ivy Rain left him battered on the floor as she enjoyed a well deserved victory pose over his prone body!

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