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Ivy Rain gets Vanquished

Beautiful Ivy Rain is new to the scene and is still finding her feet. But we can be a cruel bunch here at Monica’s Wrestling Centre and therefore threw her to the lion’s den.

And the brilliant fighting machine that greeted her on the MWC mats was the one and only pro-wrestler and cage fighting machine that is Madame Vanquish.

Ivy Rain is an incredibly pretty girl but we knew this match-up was not going to be pretty for her and her imposing dominatrix foe went straight to work just seconds after they shook hands to signal the start of the bout.

Immediately rushing Ivy, Madam Vanquish scooped her up in an impressive display of sheer strength before hitting her with a shattering back breaker that made us wince - god knows how Ivy felt!

Sadly, for Ivy Rain, that wasn’t even the worst of it and was merely just the start of the brutality she was having to face as the dominant, powerful wrestler called upon her full repertoire to put her young foe in her place.

Madame Vanquish stretched, twisted and punished Ivy in ways that we didn’t think possible and she clearly had a lot of fun doing it too.

Ivy had to suffer arm bars, Boston crabs, camel clutches, stomps, a wide variety of pins, figure four leg locks and scissors as Madame Vanquish - looking resplendent in her dominatrix gear - took her apart with ease.

She also clearly relished every second of the torment she unleashed as she trash talked and taunted her helpless victim almost as ruthlessly and painfully as her actual fighting moves. Madame Vanquish even allowed Ivy free shots to try to get her own back - all to no avail.

This is an incredible display of power and domination by a lean and mean fighting machine and poor Ivy won’t forget it in a hurry!

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