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Ivy Rain Dominates her Husband

If a couple is going to have a ‘domestic’ then there is no better way to settle it than on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats in a spicy battle of the sexes!

Wimpy Nick bolds tells his beautiful wife Ivy Rain that he has especially come out of retirement because fans wanted to see him kick her ass and that is exactly what he intends to go - much to wifey’s great amusement!

But, much to her surprise, he starts off with great gusto and takes her down to the mats and sets about fulfilling his ‘fans’ wishes by putting her in her place.

That lasts a few seconds before Ivy Rain stops entertaining him and sets about making him apologise for his behaviour by trapping him in a vicious head lock and body scissor combination - sure enough, he taps and grovels!

However, the apology isn’t enough to save him from Ivy’s fabulous wrestling skills and she continues to make him suffer with schoolgirl pins and breast smothers which have him spluttering and desperate for mercy.

But Ivy’s mercy is in short supply for him as she continues to take him apart and earn herself a truck load of submissions in her favour.

She does this via face sits, body scissors, head locks, head scissors, a variety of pins and combination holds - all of which leave Wimpy wishing he’d stayed retired!

This must be the first time he has regretted being within the clinches of his incredibly beautiful wife and tried to escape!

He does try his best to resist but Ivy is in full flow and her ever impressive wrestling skills (and rather glorious vicious streak) are on display throughout.

Ivy puts the emphatic finishing touches to her domination by making her hubby beg and admit she is the best wife ever! A whole load of chores await him at home now!

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