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Inferno vs Warrior

The fearless beauty that is Inferno is one of the bravest fighters on the scene and never ducks a challenge no matter how big or small it might be.

And boy was she facing a daunting challenge as she took on the imposing powerhouse that is Warrior in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room!

The two gorgeous girls are immensely skilled but Warrior had a clear size advantage that Inferno was going to have to overcome if she was to emerge victorious in this intriguing battle.

They wasted no time at all getting to grips with one another and were soon battling all over the floor looking for an advantage to seize the initiative early on.

It was fast paced right from the start and it became obvious it would be a case of Warrior’s strength battling Inferno’s speed and flexibility - both of them hugely talented in their own ways and no strangers when it comes to executing some painful moves!

We saw body scissors, head locks, inventive arm bars, school girl pins, throws and take downs, grapevine pins, leg locks and combination holds which posed problems for both ladies.

And we were also treated to an exhibition of how tough they both are - they were put in rather precarious positions on occasions but resisted the pain to fight out of hold without giving in easily!

There was intensity and seriousness as they fought but the match was also played out in a fabulous spirit with both Inferno and Warrior respectful of each other - clearly they were enjoying the occasion!

They gave it all they had and they were locked in hard combat right up until the referee called time on what was a cracking encounter! Both had reason to be happy with their performances and it is a must-have match for all wrestling fans

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