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Inferno vs Tyger - The Tubesock Sessions

We’ve dipped into the MWC vault and uncovered a classic gem from a few years ago between two gorgeous, skilled ladies for you to enjoy.

When you have two skilful and flexible beauties such as Inferno and Tyger face off on the mats, you know you are in for an exciting, action packed battle.

And that is exactly what we got when these two gorgeous fighters met, dressed in bikinis and fetching tube socks to give an extra dimension to the contest!

They instantly get at one another and we see their talent on full display as they start rolling around the mats, locked in scissors - each lady trying to make the other one tap out from the vice like grips they have locked on.

Both Inferno and Tyger are determined and stubborn ladies too so the submissions, when they do arrive, are not given easily and there is a great deal of satisfaction for the woman who earns it.

When the tap outs do arrive, they come from a range of scissor moves and arm bars that have both girls tapping out in pain, despite their best efforts to resist the punishment being dished out to them.

They display a range of their best wrestling skills and fight long and hard all over the mats in this thrilling battle.

You can see just how much effort both ladies are putting into it from the determination that is etched on their beautiful faces throughout the match.

By the end of the contest, there is one clear winner and she certainly makes her defeated rival know and admit that - her hand being held aloft by her opponent to mark the victory.

But there is also genuine mutual respect between the two, which is just as it should be after a fabulous fight like this one!

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