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Inferno vs Rebel

“I don’t know what I’ve got myself in for today” - the words of a nervy Inferno as she looks across Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain and sees her opponent in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

That opponent happens to be the intimidating and remorseless dominatrix Rebel who is in her customary mood - punching and head butting the corner turnbuckle in fury before eyeing up her prey whilst licking her lips!

The ravishing redhead Inferno is never one to duck a challenge but even she is unsure of what to make of Rebel.

Things are not helped when Rebel invites her to take a free shot and then doesn’t even acknowledge Inferno’s attempts to take her down to the canvas!

But that is merely a cue for Rebel to start punishing her beleaguered foe and punish her she does with some nasty looking arm and wrist attacks which have Inferno crying out in agony.

Inferno continues to try to attack but she is met with Rebel’s disdain and mockery before feeling the wrath of the rampant powerhouse.

Rebel goes through her huge arsenal of punishing moves to really bring the smackdown on Inferno and she backs this up with demoralising trash talk which hurt almost as much as the physical blows!

Inferno is lifted up and thrown around like a rag doll, hung upside down on a corner turnbuckle, slapped mercilessly on her chest, given a firewoman’s lift and slammed hard on the canvas.

Inferno tries to mount her own attacks and shows heart by kicking out of Rebel’s many pin attempts - but it’s ultimate an exercises in futility.

Rebel is in no mood to be beaten and she finishes Inferno off in the same brutal style she took her apart throughout the contest. Inferno is left flat out cold on the canvas while Rebel revels in her victory!

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