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Inferno vs Luna K

There are always going to be fireworks when you put two supremely confident and charismatic ladies in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain and that’s exactly what we got here!

Beauties Inferno and Luna K have had their fair share of Shiny Pro Ring Girls action so it was time to see how these talented athletes would fare when they clashed in the squared circle.

You could tell they were itching to get their hands on one another from their rigorous warm up and they wasted little time in getting to grips with one another.

The pattern of the contest was established straight away - we expected a battle in which the initiative would swing one way and then the other and that is exactly what we got.

Luna K made the early running and seemed to think she had the measure of Inferno right away, only to find the redhead skilfully fighting her way out of trouble and then turning the tables on her rival.

It was evident that these two were pulling out all the stops in search of victory and were prepared to achieve it by any means necessary - even if the odd dirty move was called for!

We saw kicks to the belly, expertly executed takedowns, camel clutches, Boston crabs, hairpulling, head locks, grapevine pins, body scissors and both Luna K and Inferno finding themselves thrown into the ropes and corner turnbuckles.

Each time it looked as if one of the women was going to dominate, she’d find her rival fighting hard to escape before getting into a spot of bother herself.

As the match wore on, we were no clearer to an obvious winner, which is just as we like it! One of them finally did snatch victory but both Inferno and Luna K earned each other’s respect!

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