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Inferno vs Gabriela

They don’t come much more exciting than this! Two incredibly beautiful and skilled talents engaging in a fast paced encounter on the MWC mats!

And boy is it a spicy encounter! Immediately, gorgeous Gabriella slaps away exquisite Inferno’s offer of a pre-match handshake and that really sets the tone for the whole contest.

If there are to be no polite formalities, they go straight to the action and start battling all over the mats each jostling for the dominant position in a frantic opening few minutes.

There is plenty of skill and plenty of determination on show as they fight out of holds and then apply their own. The breathless action sees them both enjoy success with vicious head locks that neither really wanted to tap out too!

Such is the intensity of the action, Inferno struggles to keep her assets in her bikini. Gabriella isn’t impressed though as she demands “next time bring a better bikini”!

The verbals punctuate the non-stop fighting action as one girl gets in an attacking position while the other defends and stubbornly refuses to wilt before battling out.

More submissions come with arm bars, breast smothers and head locks in this edge of the seat encounter - much to the delight of the successful fighter and the sheer frustration of the reluctant submitter!

Of course, this only raises the animosity between them as they continue to swap taunts and insults as the fight for victory becomes mental as well as physical.

However, don’t let that distract from the sheer skills that both Inferno and Gabriella out on display in this one. Their talent, flexibility and strength make this a classic match which leaves you wondering who will come out on top right to the end.

But there is one winner and she is clearly delighted. Much to the sheer frustration and fury of her defeated rival!

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