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Inferno vs Eva

This promised to be an exciting clash between two extremely talented and experienced wrestlers and it certainly lived up to that billing.

Beauties Inferno and Eva are no strangers to the Shiny Pro Ring Girls stage or Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain and both expect to win whenever they climb through the ropes given their previous successes there.

The contrast between the two skilful fighters added to the intrigue - Inferno the taller girl with her incredible flexibility while Eva had a weight advantage and boasted incredible power.

At first it seemed like Eva was doing all the running, taking Inferno down expertly and making her suffer with some punishing holds.

But Inferno doesn’t always play nicely and as Eva thought she was taking control, a not-so-legal punch to the gut from the red head brought her back to harsh reality to give Inferno the chance to make her suffer!

And that lit the blue touch paper and set the scene for what was to come - two proud wrestlers desperate to score an impressive victory over the other resulting in the advantage going back and forth between the pair.

Soon Eva and Inferno were traded some masterful holds as well as using the dark arts with many attempted submission bids and pins being foiled by each’s determination and desire to win.

We saw head locks, body scissors, kicks to the gut, body slams, hairpulling, head locks, clawing to the face and combination moves which most definitely hit the spot judging by the screams of pain!

The verbal jousting and taunting between the two was almost as vicious as the physical attacks they were carrying out too.

The initiative swung one way and then the other between Inferno and Eva until the very end when the final awesome move won it for one of the girls!

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