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Inferno vs Beth Bennett Sexy Bikini Wrestling

We knew this would be an exciting and intriguing battle and we weren’t disappointed as the two beauties Inferno and Beth did battle on the MWC mats for the first time!

They both too looked very pleased to be facing each other with blonde Beth even complimenting redhead Inferno for being colour co-ordinated with her bikini matching her hair colour!

But that’s very much where the niceties ended as Beth soon followed up with an ominous “It won’t help you win though!” which ensured a line had been drawn and battle was due to commence

Inferno has far more experience and honed wrestling skills to rely on but Beth is making a name for herself quickly and has shocked many a tough wrestler with her power and growing talent!

And when they are rolling around on the mats, jostling for top position, it’s clear that Beth is going to give as good as she gets! There are grapevines, body scissors, face sits and head locks galore.

Soon, the submissions start to arrive, the first coming when one of the ladies wraps her legs around the other’s ribs and squeezes hard, much to the immense discomfort of the victim.

More tap outs follow with arm bars, face sits, head scissors and head locks all bringing joy for both of the ladies.

It is a good natured battle with both Inferno and Beth exchanging some spicy words with gorgeous smiles on their faces but, make no mistake, these two are both after a win and keen to put each other through the wrestling wringer to get it.

They are locked in a real battle right up until Monica appears to call an end to the match! There is a clear winner but was it the ravishing red head Inferno or blonde babe Beth celebrating? Download this incredible clip to find out!

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