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Inferno vs Autumn Rose

The ever confident flame haired beauty Inferno is always ready and prepared to do battle in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring Of Pain and this time is no different.

But she may have her work cut out for her as she embarks on a Shiny Pro Ring Girls bout with strong and skilful pro wrestler Autumn Rose!

In fact, both of these two seem ready and both of them seem keen to get it on and they waste little time in doing so.

And it is Autumn Rose who does the early running and is soon tossing her taller rival around the squared circle and telling her shocked opponent how easy this is going to be.

But you under-estimate Inferno at your peril and even when she seems to be in trouble, she is capable of turning the tables - a valuable lesson Autumn Rose learns soon into this contest when her back thuds against the canvas!

Sure enough, we get what we always like to see in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls fight and that is back and forth action with both ladies giving as good as they get!

Neither Inferno or Autumn Rose are shy about making the other suffer and this is done so with a whole load of skill as well as dirty tactics!

We see leg locks, camel clutches, take downs, head locks, the use of ropes to devastating effect, scissor holds, hair pulling, punches to the face, lots of trash talk and combination holds which all cause the requisite discomfort.

These girls love to fight and want to win badly and seem to be prepared to do anything to achieve that goal.

Sadly for one of them, there can only be one winner and when she finally emerges victorious after a brutal affair, she is beyond delighted to boast about it!

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