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Inferno Destroys Bert

Taking on a strong and super skilful wrestler such as beautiful Inferno is a challenge for any man when they have full use of all their limbs.

But imagine being a man who is left to try fighting the ravishing redhead with he has his hands tied firmly and tightly behind his back?!

That is the challenge that awaits Bert who is stuck in Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom room with no place to hide and with his hands going numb from the shackles he has been placed in.

Of course, Inferno has no pity or sympathy for him and is practically licking her lips in anticipation of the exhibition of pain she is planning on putting on at his expense.

Bert’s pleading and begging for his hands to be untied fall on death ears and instead she leaves him trembling in fear as she outlines her plan of action which will involve scissors, smothers and finally her feet in his mouth ready to be sucked clean!