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Ina Black vs Sophie - bellypunching wrestling

We’ve dipped into the MWC vault and uncovered a classic gem from a few years ago between two gorgeous, skilled ladies for you to enjoy.

The legendary Ina Black takes on sensational Sophie in this incredible match-up that sees these two strong babes mixing wrestling with eye-watering belly punching to prove who the top woman is.

Both ladies are primed and ready for action and they waste little time in getting to it as soon as the fight starts, with Sophie getting on top of Ina and landing some hard punches to her bruntte rival’s exposed stomach.

Her wrestling skills are also on show with Ina’s head trapped between Sophie’s legs while she also attempts an arm bar.

But Ina didn’t build up her deserved reputation by giving in easily to such attacks and she fights her way out to turn the tables on blondie Sophie. Catching her in a face sit, Ina pounds away at the belly with great enthusiasm.

It’s fast-paced amazing action and the fight is not even two minutes old yet but it gives us a brilliant taste of what is to follow for the remainder of the contest.

And boy are we treated to some high quality moves from both of these athletes! They display their wrestling talent with an array of pins, scissors, head locks, arm bars and breast smothers as they look to impose themselves on each other.

The fists, of course, fly throughout too as the ladies miss no opportunity to pound away at their rival’s belly - whether they are on the offensive or defensive in any given situation.

There are submissions and pain for both Ina and Sophie as they give it their all in this pulsating clash. There is an exhausted winner at the end and boy does she enjoy her victory!

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