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Ina Black vs Rosie- Squash Match

Ravishing Rosie’s progress and performances have been a joy to watch in her fledgling wrestling career and she undoubtedly has been getting better and better.

But nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing, can prepare a young wrestler for the challenge of taking on the super strong legendary Ina Black on Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

And doesn’t the Bulgarian beauty know this! Her eyes light up and the big smile hiding evil intent flashes across her face as she surveys the prey that is in front of her for this contest.

Rosie is brave and determined but we would not have blamed her for having some serious doubts when she found herself thrown to the floor unceremoniously within the first few seconds of the fight getting under way!

Rosie uses up a huge amount of energy trying to execute any kind of attacking moves but they are met with sheer disdain from the much bigger, much more experienced and fantastically skilled Ina, who has only one thing on her mind!

She wants to go through her full bag of tricks and make Rosie experience her world of pain with the blonde having no say in the matter!

Ina crushes her head between her powerful thighs, squeezes her in vicious bear hugs, twists her up like a pretzel in a variety of pins and calls upon those faithful moves such as body scissors, head locks, grapevines and arm bars to name but a few.

The cries of pain, the coughing and spluttering and the desperate tap outs tell us all we need to know about Rosie’s experiences in this one.

It is a typically dominant performance from the rampant Ina Black who, to add insult to injury, verbally slaps her down at the end as part of her victory celebrations!

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