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Ina Black vs Phiannix

It’s always exciting for everyone when bright, fresh-faced new talent walks through the doors and into the Monica’s Wrestling Centre arena.

This time we have the incredibly gorgeous English rose Phiannix (pronounced ‘Phoenix’ but spelled in her own unique way) looking to make an impact on the mats.

But if ever the phrase ‘baptism of fire’ was apt it is in this case because, for her very first fight, she found herself face to face with none other than the legendary Ina Black!

Ina has been away for a while but she has lost none of her hunger and she is very eager to get back doing what she does best - destroying all the “Barbie girls” and boys who dare to dream they can live with her in a match!

She is practically salivating as she eyes up Phiannix, who looks suitably nervous and apprehensive as Ina stalks her like a shark circling its prey before pouncing.

Sure enough, Ina picks her up like a rag doll and soon has her down trapped between those huge powerful legs in a vicious body scissor. Phiannix shows get fight and resilience to try to escape but Ina is not about to let her off easily!

Alongside the beating, Ina enjoys breaking her challengers down with trash talk and there is plenty of it as she inflicts psychological pain alongside the physical!

Things get worse as Ina executes head locks, a variety of pins, skilful throws, arm bars and more scissors.

Phiannix, to her credit, doesn’t lose spirit and keeps trying to show she isn't there to make up the numbers - but Ina isn’t playing and the brutal beatdown continues right to the end.

As Phiannix is flat out on the mats, Ina issues an ominous challenge calling for stronger women to step up. She’s back alright!

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