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Ina Black vs Petq - squash match

Covid-19 scuppered plans for wrestlers to fly to London but MWC’s Bulgarian contingent were not going to let that ruin their fun and found a safe way in their country to deliver the goods!

The task facing any wrestler who finds herself facing the legendary Ina Black is incredibly difficult anyway without them adding to their own downfall.

But that is what Petq inexplicably did when she faced the bigger and more experienced rival on the mats.

As Ina mocked her for turning up for the fight, Petq dismissed her with a less than ladylike response which only served to pour fuel on the already burning fire!

With the expletive ringing in her ear, Ina went to work with great gusto and was soon imposing her will on her much smaller opponent.

“There’s no escape now, you’re my bitch!” Ina’s taunting was equal to her wrestling as she tortured Petq between her crushing thighs.

While her little prey did her best to resist and even sent more defiant cuss words in Ina’s direction, she was suffering badly. Ina on the other hand just had immense fun at her rival’s expense.

Petq had to contend with schoolgirl pins, more body scissors, arm bars, smothers, bear hugs and the pain and humiliation of being twisted up into a pretzel as Ina worked her over good and proper.

The expressions on each of their faces told the story - Petq wore an expression of sheer agony while Ina was lapping up every second of this beatdown and enjoying herself as she always does on the mats!

Of course, it’s no disgrace to lose to someone of the calibre of Ina Black but this is a total destruction that Petq won’t forget in a hurry.

The ending is as brutal as you’d expect and finishes with a very proud Ina enjoying a victory pose over her victim’s prone body.

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