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Ina Black vs Nika

The fantastic Nika is a tall, strong and very talented wrestler who is often the favourite to emerge victorious whenever she steps on to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

But she often isn’t facing anyone like the legendary Ina Black, who never needs any encouragement to take on and dismantle other women in whatever shape or size they come!

And this is the case here, with Ina practically licking her lips in anticipation as she stalks Nika around the mats before pouncing and exploding into action.

Don’t get us wrong - Nika isn’t afraid. But she is certainly wary and apprehensive and an expert hip toss by Ina proves she was right to be!

From there on, Ina has Nika right where she wants her and sets about dismantling her opponent in the way we’ve become accustomed to seeing from the brutal Bulgarian. 

Nika, of course, does her best to resist these attacks but even she is powerless against such relentless power from someone who is remorseless and only too keen on inflicting as much misery on her victims as possible!

Ina seems energised and inspired by her rival’s screams of pain and seems to ramp up her attacks the more damage she does!

Nika finds herself caught in body scissors, head locks, guillotines, arm bars, school girl pins, face sits, head scissors, ankle locks and combination holds which all bring about the desired outcome.

Ina’s beautiful smile gets wider and wider as she thinks up more inventive ways of stretching and twisting up Nika’s helpless body in this march towards her inevitable victory!

While the outcome was never in doubt, it is still startling to see someone as strong and talented as Nika being treated like a rag doll - such is the impressive display Ina puts on here! Boy does Ina enjoy her win!

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