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Ina Black vs Mel Fire

Marvellous Mel Fire is a statuesque amazon with power and ability in abundance which she is always happy to show off whenever she steps on Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

But sometimes talent like hers just isn’t enough when she comes up against the the legendary Ina Black, who is always looking for her next victim!

Right from the start Ina cackles and starts sneering as she asks her rival if she really thinks she can challenge her and, despite her beaming beautiful smile and confident reply, you get the impression Mel Fire is not so confident!

And in her usual style, Ina gets straight to work as she looks to take control from the very first second and deliver a punishing beatdown Mel won’t forget in a hurry.

As we all know, Ina has pace, stamina and agility to go with her intimidating size and power and so there is no escape once she starts hunting you down with the intension of delivering some serious pain.

Poor Mel looks like a startled rabbit unable to escape a hunter as Ina grabs hold of her and starts throwing her about the place.

Ina traps her in head locks, schoolgirl pins, face sits, arm bars, head scissors, body scissors, head locks, arm locks and combination holds which all have the intended effect on Mel.

It’s an onslaught and Mel has no option but to keep on tapping when the agony and pressure gets too much for her.

To make things worse, she has to endure the verbal trash talking and laughing coming from Ina during the whole ordeal!

It goes without saying that the outcome of this one wasn’t in any doubt despite Mel’s bravery and Ina certainly enjoys celebrating over her prone body at the end!

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