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Ina Black vs Jeanne Hunter

On her trip across the pond to visit Monica’s Wrestling Centre, the gorgeous veteran Jeanne Hunter had enjoyed herself as she took on and destroyed many of the young girls on the roster.

But she found herself facing an altogether different challenge here when she took on the powerful and intimidating legendary Ina Black on the MWC mats.

Like Jeanne, Ina has a list of victims a mile long and is used to easily having her own way whenever she steps into a wrestling arena.

But, whilst Ina had a significant size advantage to call upon, it was obvious the pair of them were not going to find things as straight forward as they normally are in their bouts.

As expected, Ina was quick to use the size advantage she had but she soon discovered that her American rival was not the sort of fighter who gives in easily and she was able to fight out of scissor holds and arm bars in a way other opponents can never seem to do.

Likewise, Jeanne was certainly not intimidated by her bigger foe and was eager to show she wasn’t just going to roll over and take a beating, despite Ina being on the front foot for most of the contest.

There were head scissors, guillotines, body scissors, arm bars, school girl pins, head locks, grapevine pins and combination holds which were clearly punishing but not easily submitted to.

Judging by the sweat forming and the heavy breathing from Ina and Jeanne, it was clear they were giving it all they could in this intriguing and exciting encounter between two mega talents.

Despite the excellent holds being applied, submissions were not easy to come by and it was truly thrilling to watch two contrasting but extremely talented fighters clash.

There was a clear winner but the respect between the pair was obvious at the end!

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