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Ina Black vs Eva Ray

Oh, poor Eva Ray. The sexy redhead has been slaying it since she debuted at Monica’s Wrestling Centre and has picked up an army of fans for her performances in the ring and on the mats.

But this was like nothing she had experienced before or will probably ever experience again - certainly not in the near future.

The legendary Ina Black is used to making light work of seasoned, experienced, tough wrestlers so someone still in the early stages of her career was going to have it brutally tough. It was like sending a fawn into a lion’s den and expecting it to come out unscathed!

To her credit, exquisite Eva tried to demonstrate she had no fear of her much bigger opponent but this merely provoked laughter from Ina, who simply dismissed her as her latest “victim”.

Within seconds, Ina was woman-handling a startled Eva and soon had her hoisted up on her shoulders and being paraded around on the mats.

And “Are you ready to fly?” must be one of the most fear-inducing questions a wrestler could be asked when she is in such a perilous position!

Truth be told, things only got worse after she had crash landed from the unchartered flight as Ina decided to give a demonstration on how to beat up smaller women on the mats.

Eva suffered body scissors, ankle locks, Boston crabs, countless pins, reverse head scissors and even a frog splash!

The latter came about after intrepid Eva slapped Ina’s butt in retaliation for a smacked ass she had received! This might have made Ina angry but we admired Eva’s sass!

Apart from this defiance, the rest of the fight is predictably brutal for Eva as Ina shows no mercy or let up in the ass-whupping. She certainly enjoying taunting and celebrating over her prone body.

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