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Ina Black vs Epiphany Jones

“It’s another pretty victim for me here!” The legendary Ina Black is intimidating enough for young wrestlers to have to face without her adding to the fear with some daunting words!

And sure enough, exquisite Epiphany Jones - who already looked nervous at the prospect she faced - seems to shrink further into her shell as the bigger, powerful and vastly skilled and experienced Bulgarian stalks her on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

Ina knows Epiphany is like a rabbit caught in her headlights and she isn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to show this fresh victim just what it’s like to face the full whirlwind she always brings to matches!

Within a blink of the eye, Epiphany finds herself on the mats and trapped between Ina’s powerful thighs in a figure four headlock and you know this is a mere taster of things to come!

Ina’s in her trademark unforgiving mode and the screams and yelps of agony from her opponent do not illicit any remorse from her and instead fuels her desire to inflict more damage.

She starts to go through her considerable collection of moves and Epiphany finds herself being treated as nothing more than Ina’s plaything to be rag dolled around the place!

Ina catches her in body scissors, arm bars, head locks, face sits, head scissors, grapevine pins, school girl pins, fireman’s lifts and combination holds which soon bring her those desired tap outs.

To make things worse for the ailing Epiphany, Ina has plenty to say throughout the match - as she always does - which most definitely adds insult to the injuries being inflicted!

Of course, the result of this one is never in any doubt and as Epiphany said she wanted to learn from this experience, she was given a lesson she won’t ever forget!

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