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Ina Black vs Bianca Blance

The talented and exquisite Italian Bianca Blance has developed a high class reputation for her immense skills and strength when battling both men and women on the mats.

But even someone as gifted as she was always going to have her work cut out when she faced off against the legendary Ina Black on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

Bianca was giving away a lot in terms of size and experience while Ina has a seemingly unquenchable thirst for taking on and destroying any foe she comes up against!

They were both all business when they started the battle with Bianca certainly not looking intimidated by the imposing figure she was being asked to overcome.

She was given a quick taste of what she was in for when Ina performed a perfect hip toss and slam to the mats and got on top of her rival, who struggled and battled hard beneath!

Bianca has the heart to match her stunning looks and ability and she was not just going to roll over and let Ina have her way easier but the big smile on the Bulgarian’s face suggested she was delighted to have a spirited challenge to take care of!

And yet, Bianca dug deep to keep Ina’s attacks at bay - brilliantly using her speed and tenacity - as well as getting herself into a few attacking positions of her own.

Even when Ina locked on some crushing moves, Bianca was showing just how tough she is by resisting the obvious temptation to tap out under such pressure.

Such was the effort and intensity, the girls were soon soaked in sweat and battling all over - even rolling off the mats on more than one occasion as Ina and Bianca went toe to toe.

After a quite incredible battle, one of the ladies emerged as a narrow winner while the other quickly demanded a rematch!

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