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Ina Black Totally Destroys Rex

The legendary beauty that is Ina Black has chewed up and spat out some strong and skilled female fighters throughout her illustrious career.

So you can just image what chance a man like Rex is going to have when he dares to step up on to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats and take on this phenomenal and destructive wrestler!

To make matters worse for him, she’s all business as - after a polite fist bump to start proceedings - she just gets straight to work by executing a perfect take down and beginning his ordeal.

Well, we say all business, but she is soon giving the first of many chuckles in reply to the suffering he is having to endure to show she is going to have as much fun as she can at his expense!

Inevitably, the first of many submissions from Rex comes within no time at all and he already knows he is in for a brutal time and that Ina has no intention or desire to let him off easily!

If anything, she seems disappointed at his inability to handle the heat - on one occasion telling him to get up when he feebly flops to the floor having taken more than he can handle!

She puts on a clinic of her impressive moves using body scissors, head scissors, takedowns, grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, arm bars, cross body pins and combination holds - all of which leave him anguished!

Her trash talking is on point too proving she is almost as vicious with her verbals as she is with the physical pain she enjoys inflicting on him.

At one point Rex admits she is too strong for him but it really didn’t need to be said! The relentless beatdown told the whole story! And boy does Ina enjoy celebrating this fact at the end!

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