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Ina Black Squashes Rapunzel

Now, there is no doubt that the talented and gorgeous Rapunzel is a very strong and skilled wrestler who is more than a match for most fighters she comes up against. Sadly for her though, the legendary Ina Black in not like most wrestlers. Not only is she an imposing size but she has the strength, ability and agility to go with it and she’s never shy about showing it! Ina makes her intentions clear right from the start by telling her smaller foe that she will take all her hair out - not something a babe called Rapunzel who is rightly proud of her locks would ever want to hear!

And the Eastern European backs those words up by grabbing Rapunzel and taking her down, trapping her head between those powerful thighs and squeezing whilst also using her platted hair to keep her in that position! The submission is inevitable and things don't improve any time soon as Ina earns the second submission in quick succession with a rather painful looking Boston crab. Another thing in Ina’s locker is her trash talking ability and she is just as vicious with the taunts as she is the physical pain. Rapunzel is thrown around like a rag doll and made to suffer some serious agony as Ina works her over using her impressive arsenal of moves. She got her in breast smothers, arm bars, head scissors, body scissors, camel clutches, head locks, leg locks, schoolgirl pins and combination holds which earned her plenty of submissions from a desperate Rapunzel! To her credit, Rapunzel kept trying - both to escape those moves and get on the offensive herself - but nothing had the desired effect and she often found herself being laughed at by the dominant Ina. The ending was as brutal as everything that preceded it and Ina certainly enjoyed her victory!

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