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Ina Black squashes Miss Vox

The gifted Miss Vox has the skills and power in her locker that has helped her secure some hugely impressive victories over some talented grapplers.

But she was always going to need everything she had and then some when she found herself up against the uber confident and legendary Ina Black on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

Exquisite Ina is never shy about putting young fighters to the extreme test and this was no different as she was practically licking her lips in anticipation as she eyed up her gorgeous rival ahead of this encounter.

To her credit, Miss Vox showed no fear and simply smiled at her and then put up a spirited battle in the opening moments of this fight.

However, to Ina this is just like honey to a bee and she seems to get extra joy and incentive to unleash an even harsher line of punishment to her fellow Bulgarian for daring to show such an attitude!

The first submission came via a nasty looking guillotine and Ina wasn’t shy about mocking Miss Vox about the swift downturn of her fortunes.

Miss Vox, again to her immense credit, tried to fight back immediately and was not giving in easily at the first hint of any trouble but she was clearly up against it and Ina doesn’t take prisoners when she is in this mood.

There were breast smothers, schoolgirl pins, body scissors, arm bars, head locks, head scissors, head locks and combination holds which had Miss Vox desperately tapping out and looking for mercy.

Ina was brutal verbally too as she showed her tongue can be as sharp as her wrestling skills with some spirit crushing taunts along the way.

Mercifully for Miss Vox there was an end to this match but it was as vicious as the beating Ina had dished out throughout!

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