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Ina Black Squashes Galya

Like many of the young talents on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster, gorgeous Galya is a skilful and confident competitor who never backs down from a challenge put in front of her.

But that confidence and desire to fight was always going to be tested to the max when she came up against the intimidating presence of the legendary Ina Black on the MWC mats.

Ina is always scenting weakness and she never needs a second invitation to put other female fighters through their paces and an enthusiastic Galya was perfect fodder for her.

Galya sprang straight into action and waste no time at all in a bid to launch the first attack, leaping on her much bigger foe and trying to wrap her legs around her torso.

But it was always going to take a lot more than that to chop down the Ina Black mountain and Galya soon found the tables being instantly turned on her!

Ina joyfully performed the perfect Boston crab on her fellow Eastern European, who was left shrieking loudly in pain and desperately trying to get herself free. To make matters worse, Ina just laughed at her rival’s misfortune!

The first submission inevitably came very quickly, enraging Galya who immediately got up and charged at a highly amused Ina. “Oh, you’re ready for more?” - Ina was licking her lips at her opponent’s foolish enthusiasm which only resulted in her getting more and more hurt!

Ina inflicted a range of excruciating moves on her such as body slams, schoolgirl pins, body scissors, leg locks, head scissors, arm bars, camel clutches and combination holds which brought a world of hurt to Galya!

This was a typically brutal exhibition of domination wrestling by one of the best in the business. And it was a brutal lesson for the destroyed Galya!

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