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Ina Black Squashes Cheetah

Beautiful Cheetah likes to live up to her name as a quick wildcat who is ready to pounce on her prey and enjoy a wrestling feast at their expense.

But she was going to need more than her cunning and speed to take down the imposing figure of the legendary Ina Black when they met on opposite sides of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

And sure enough, it doesn’t take too long for Ina to show her smaller foe that she might have bitten off way more than she can chew when she takes her down within seconds and executes a schoolgirl pin with ease.

Ina doesn’t just possess badass physical moves that can seriously damage a rival but she also is a queen of the verbals and she certainly makes Cheetah know how simple she is finding this ‘match’!

Despite her spirited and brave efforts, Cheetah can barely lay a claw on Ina who continues to mock and laugh at her before getting physical and start racking up the number of submissions through an array of inventive holds.

Cheetah suffers through arm bars, guillotines, leg locks, body scissors, schoolgirl pins, head scissors, cross body pins, head scissors and combination holds.

Ina even tosses her around on the mats and tickles her feet - there is nothing out of bounds for the legendary Ina Black!

Ina never seems to tire of beating younger fighters which is bad news for Cheetah, who finds herself being twisted out of regular shape on a number of occasions.

Despite her best efforts, the wild cat finds herself not only being tamed by Ina but also being completely dominated physically and verbally.

She’s come a long way as a wrestler in a very short space of time, but she’s going a lot more work to do before she can overcome a challenge as great as Ina!

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