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Ina Black's face-sitting contest

With the Eastern European contingent unable to travel to London due to lockdown, our Bulgarian friends didn’t want MWC to miss out on their talents and so found a way to safely perform for us on their own soil!

And in Toto’s case, his determination to perform led him into the unenviable task of trying to beat the one and only Ina Black in a face sitting contest.

The legendary wrestler has the speed, skills and power to complement her size and as soon as they faced each other, you feared for Toto’s chances as he didn’t have much going for him.

Credit where credit’s due though and he seemed determined and was ready to fight his corner…for the first minute of so anyway until Ina took control and took him down to the ground and in the danger zone.

He put some effort into resisting but he was powerless to stop the juggernaut that is Ina and she soon planted her butt on his hapless face to make him submit.

Things didn’t get any easier for him as Ina pounced on him again and this time trapped him in a reverse face sit which left him with no choice but to submit to his vastly superior opponent.

And so a pattern was emerging as the constantly smiley Ina wrestled Toto down to the mats, taunted him before punishing him and then use her skill and weight to make him struggle under her big ass!

Toto’s face became redder and redder as the match wore on and his expression got more desperate as he was unable to offer nothing.

Of course, Ina wore an expression that was the complete opposite to him and it was obvious she was having a ball at his expense!

It really was no surprise when her incredible derriere put an emphatic full stop to this contest!

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