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Ina Black Humiliates Andrew

We’ve often lamented how wannabe hero Andrew doesn’t always make the most sensible life choices when it comes to wrestling.

But even he showed some common sense in not charging into this match against the legendary Ina Black with his usual brand of trash talking and bold predictions about how he is going to beat her and show her who’s boss etc!

Mind you, Ina didn’t really give him much of a chance to say anything as she wasted no time at all in getting hold of the man she immediately labelled a ‘loser’ !

As far better wrestlers than Andrew have found out to their considerable cost, Ina is as tough and quick and talented as female fighters come and she enjoys nothing more than making anyone brave enough to step on the mats against her suffer.

As soon as she brutally and easily takes Andrew down to the mats, it is obvious that she is going to make she he aches from head to toe for days after this!

The desperate cries of agony that come from his mouth after she applies her first figure four head lock to him are a sign of things to come and his desperate first tap out didn’t give him any respite whatsoever!

Ina relentlessly attacked and Andrew could do nothing to stop her as she got him in grapevine pins, breast smothers, body scissors, arm bars, schoolgirl pins and combination holds to devastating effect.

While he was suffering, Ina of course was having a great time and she accompanied the physical destruction with a verbal battering to just to hammer home how superior she is in every way!

Ina worked the ‘loser’ over and the only break he got from this nightmare was when she was standing foot on his face and doing a victory pose over his battered body!

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