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Ina Black dominates Toto

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the world and lockdown restrictions mean our Bulgarian favourites have been unable to come to London. But they’re not going to let a pandemic stop them from performing for their MWC fans on their home soil!

Oh Toto! What were you thinking? We get it. You want to make a name for yourself but taking on the legend that is Ina Black?! The only name you were ever going to make is one that goes into her large book of victims!

Ina is chomping at the bit to get her hands on this weak male and you can immediately see the trepidation written all over his face!

We’d barely had time to blink before she’d taken him down, gotten on top of him and crushed him into his first submission.

She then gave him no time at all to recover as she immediately made her next move and almost ripped a limb off with an excruciating arm bar!

Ina has taken on and easily beaten some of the best female wrestlers in the scene so Toto the Brave was never going to cause even the slightest hint of a problem for her.

Naturally, that didn’t stop her having fun at his beleaguered expense and so the beat down and the immense pain was constantly delivered - all the while with a smile on her beautiful face!

Toto was overpowered and outclassed every second of this ‘contest’ and Ina really made him suffer as she effortlessly went through her repertoire to make him tap over and over.

He was hurt via head locks, grapevine pins, head scissors, arm bars and battered by her feet - she took him apart at will!

By the end, Ina had sent him to rest to celebrate an emphatic victory. We think Toto just about survived…!

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