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Ina Black Dominates Ragdoll Sam Rematch

Getting beaten up by the legendary, beautiful Ina Black should be a pitfall all of the puny little men of the world who cannot fight should want to avoid at all costs.

So, imagine not only finding yourself on the end of one of her beatings but then returning - voluntarily - for more in what you are rather generously billing as a rematch?!

Ragdoll Sam must have taken a hard bump on the head at some point as he struts on to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Bulgarian venue as Ina is working out to challenge her.

Naturally, this amuses the bemused beauty who rarely needs a second invitation to take some loser apart in her natural environment!

“I feel so sorry for you” sounds menacing when you are an opponent of Ina Black and Ragdoll Sam is soon feeling extremely sorry for himself as she gets to work on working him over!

It takes barely no effort at all for Ina to wrap her powerful arm around his little pea head and take him down to the mats where she can get on top and really start to punish the foolish opponent of hers.

Before we even get to her physical destruction of Ragdoll Sam, we must pay homage to her verbal taunts which - as ever - probably hurt him as much as her actual blows do. She loves to psychologically maim as well as physically!

He is reintroduced to her crushing body scissors, head locks, head scissors, arm bars, face sits, schoolgirl pins, cross body pins and combination holds which always deliver for her.

It’s an even more brutal takedown than the first one she administered and we’re still not sure what possessed Ragdoll Sam to request this fight!

Powerhouse Ina obliterates her wimpy opponent and warns him to never return. We doubt he will be back any time soon!

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