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Ina Black Dominates Ragdoll Sam

It is often the case that when these puny little men step into the world of MWC and take on the array of talents, they find themselves on the end of a brutal beatdown.

Now imagine that talent is none other than the legendary powerhouse and one woman wrecking machine Ina Black and think about just how low Ragdoll Sam’s chances were of emerging from this one with even a thread of integrity!

The brutal Bulgarian looked in the mood right from the first second and, despite his brave attempt at trying to match up, you feared for Sam straight away.

It took no time and almost zero effort for beautiful Ina to take him down and get on top where the traditional beatdown that she has handed out countless times before could get under way.

A head lock and grapevine scissor got her warmed up before she transferred that into a vicious arm bar which left Sam with literally no choice but to tap out.

Ina had seemed in a business like mood right from the get go but that didn’t stop her trademark trash talking coming out as she expressed mock disappointment at how quickly her victim folded.

Of course, this didn’t dampen her enthusiasm to put the aptly named Ragdoll through his paces even more as she decided to go through all her pain-inducing tricks to make him suffer!

More arm bars, guillotines, head scissors, body scissors, head locks, an array of pins and combination holds brought about a whole load of agony for an increasingly beleaguered Sam!

Poor Ragdoll Sam had nothing to offer in terms of attack and was brutally destroyed from the first minute to the last.

Ina, on the other hand, enjoyed taking him apart and celebrating over his broken body at the end!

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