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Ina Black Destroys Bert

Bert certainly looks the part but he has found himself on the wrong end of a serious beating many a time when he has stepped on to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats to face one of the talents on the roster.

So why he thought he would fare better against the legendary Ina Black, only he can answer! Before they’d even stepped on to the mats this was clearly a mismatch of epic proportions and beautiful Ina was clearly in the mood to put him in his rightful place!

His best moment came at the start when he lunged at her but missed. After that, he was merely cannon fodder for this powerhouse who was soon throwing him around like a rag doll.

Ina enjoys destroying opponents of all sizes and we can only imagine the horror of hearing her laugh and enjoy herself while simultaneously taking you apart!

The first submission came along very quickly, as you’d expect, but this was only the beginning of Bert’s nightmare as she summoned him to come for more.

Within two minutes of this fight, he looked like he had been subjected to an hour’s beatdown and he was no doubt debating the wisdom of taking this fight on!

Ina trapped him in schoolgirl pins, figure four locks, cross body pins, face sits, body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, head locks, verbal barracking and combination holds which had Bert screaming for mercy.

While Bert was looking dishevelled and destroyed, Ina looked as if she hadn’t even started wrestling yet with her gorgeous smile remaining on her fresh face throughout.

The tap outs kept coming for the insatiable Ina who certainly had fun putting Bert through the wringer from start to finish.

Ina’s emphatic finish for victory makes us believe Bert won’t be rushing back for a rematch any time soon!

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