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Hot Divas of Wrestling: The All American Girl Nikki vs Madame - Custom

If there is one girl who fits the tag of a ‘hot diva of wrestling, it’s the beautiful bikini model and all American babe Nikki!

Constantly flashing her pearly whites at the drooling men and taking selfies of her hot self has made her extremely popular but one woman who certainly isn’t impressed is the imposing Madame.

Now, Madame is a bully and more to the point a straight out fighter. She certainly doesn’t have any time or care for little models more concerned about their looks than their skills in Monica’s Ring of Pain!

And this is demonstrated perfectly when Nikki is interrupted mid pose as she enters the ring by a thumping forearm to the back by a unamused Madame.

She starts dismantling bikini babe Nikki on the mats with some brutal kicks and strikes that leave the blonde writhing around in agony within seconds of the attack.

Things continue to get worse as remorseless Madame starts landing vicious blows to Nikki’s poor head.

To be fair to Nikki, she is defiant, despite the onslaught and refuses to simply quit easily, telling her vicious opponent that “it will take more than that”.

Sadly for Nikki, Madame has much more than that in her locker and the screams of sheer pain echo around the MWC arena as Madame’s teeth get to work on the model’s poor nose!

The pain and humiliation for Nikki increases by the second and things are taken up even further when Madame finally takes her battered foe into the ring for more nasty treatment.

Nikki does her best to fight back but ultimately she is no match for the brutal Madame and the battered model discovers just how relentless these pro-fighters can be!

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