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Honey J vs Luna

In her first few matches for us here at Monica’s Wrestling Centre, there is no doubt that Honey J has certainly impressed with her power and skill.

But she was going to need all of her talent and strength in this one as she lined up against the Amazon warrior that is the imposing Luna in the MWC Mats of Doom room!

And Luna was certainly in the mood for this as she greeted her latest rival with a breezy “Honey J - let’s get it on!” signalling her intent right from the start.

Sure enough, Honey J immediately discovered what it is like to be hit by the express train that is Luna when the experienced girl pinned her down and made her tap out to a vicious arm lock.

There was no rest of the wicked either as Luna followed up quickly - this time a head crushing scissor making Honey J tap out desperately before her head went pop!

But just when we were thinking this was going to be all one-way traffic, Honey J proved she isn’t just here to make up the numbers! Pinned her imposing rival down and making her tap with an arm lock made Luna sit up and take notice, that’s for sure.

Suddenly, Luna wasn’t having everything her own way and a breast smother followed up by another impressive pin did the trick for Honey J who was growing in confidence.

Now it was game on and they continued to trade blows and submissions in a variety of ways including scissors, smothers, locks and holds.

These two amazons gave it everything they had as they went in search of victory in the closing stages of the fight.

One of the ladies did emerge victorious in this close run thing - download to find out who it was!

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