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Honey J vs Gary

We have to say one thing about the warrior that is Gary - he sure looks up for a fight when he squares off against the gorgeous Honey J on the MWC mats!

Such is his apparent excitement, he appears to be rubbing his hands with glee and itching to get his hands on his rival to show her all that he has.

His verve and anticipation lasts around two seconds by which time Honey has got her hands on him and takes him down to the mats!

Gary does his best to resist and fight back but Honey soon has him lying face down on the canvas while she is on top of him, pushing his head into the mats and grabbing his arms in excruciating locks.

Naturally, the submissions start to flow and the pain and suffering for Gary continues at a pace as Honey J starts to go through her full arsenal of weapons on him.

He experiences her breast smothers, head locks, arm bars, leg locks, body scissors, chokes, head scissors and a variety of pins which have him crying out in agony and tapping frequently as the “contest” wears on.

And it’s clear that Honey J is enjoying herself as she looks for more and more creative ways to make him experience her full force before submitting in agony!

To Gary’s credit, he does keep fighting as hard as he can and does his utmost to resist the onslaught. But the reality is there is a huge gulf in class and there is next to nothing he can do to repel the attacks!

By the end of the match, Gary is well and truly battered and left flat out, sprawled on the mats. Honey J certainly looks delighted with her day’s work as she celebrates the victory over his prone body!

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