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Honey J Vanquished

The seemingly-unstoppable Madame Vanquish has taken on and destroyed so many of MWC’s established stars that we thought it was time for a newer girl to try to stop this juggernaut.

Honey J is strong and has the wrestling skills but it’s fair to say she has never faced a challenge like this one before.

They meet on the mats and the dominant dominatrix does her usual thing of letting her latest challenger get the first blow in to “see what they’ve got”!

Honey J obliges but Madame Vanquish doesn’t flinch and instead she takes her down to the MWC mats and starts trying to introduce her to her special brand of punishment.

Despite this, Honey J doesn’t seem to be phased by it and tries to attack her cocky opponent as they struggle on the mats. But the signature Madame Vanquish laugh is soon heard which is enough to test anyone’s patience!

“You think it’s funny?” asks a seemingly annoyed Honey J. We don’t the answer of “I think it’s hilarious” went down well either!

However, it’s not so easy to do something about the taunts when they are coming from someone as powerful as Madame Vanquish!

Honey J soon finds out what it’s like to suffer at the dominatrix’s hands when she is crushed in a bear hug, made to suffer in a head lock and had the life squeezed out of her in her scissors.

Even when Honey goes on the attack, it seems to play into Madame Vanquish’s hands who just waits, laughs and taunts before turning the tables and showing her victim how it should be done.

Ultimately, it was way too much of a challenge for the spirited Honey J and the ending which sees a delighted Madame Vanquish send her to la la land comes as no surprise!

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