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Havoc vs Eva

Pro wrestling doesn’t get more exciting than when you have two gorgeous, talented fighters who are eager to get to grips with one another and battle it out in the squared circle.

The amazing pair of Havoc and Eva certainly fit that bill so it was a delight to see them squaring up to one another in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain to fight it out in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls match-up.

And we were certainly not disappointed when they immediately went at it - with a bit of verbals exchanged between the two - in this thrilling back and forth encounter.

English rose Eva has tonnes of wrestling experience under her belt but if she thought the Scottish sexpot Havoc was going to be a pushover then she was given a rude awakening.

In fact, each time it looked as if one of these two had taken some kind of control over the proceedings, the other would fight out of some rather painful looking holds and turn the tables on her stunned rival.

We saw schoolgirl pins, knees to the belly, monkey flips, punches and forearm smashes, scissors holds and even a stink face which was certainly not received with any pleasure by the unlucky recipient!

It is clear that both Havoc and Eva are desperate to get a very impressive victory under their belts and are clearly going all out to achieve it as they fight harder and harder as the match wears on.

And their ability to take some punishment is as equally impressive as their ability to dish it out as they don’t succumb easily to the tough holds they find themselves trapped in.

The outcome remains in the balance right up until the very end when one of the ladies finally gets a hard-earned victory - much to her delight judging by the celebration!

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