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Havoc vs Autumn Rose

The second these two entered Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain told us there were going to be fireworks - and we were certainly not disappointed!

Both Havoc and Autumn Rose have the skills and love to fight, so pitting them against one another in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle made perfect sense.

After the pre-fight warm up routine, they wasted little time in getting to grips with each other and it was obvious this was going to be a hard battle for both of these warriors as their strength and determination came to the fore.

They exchanged initial moves - an arm lock and a camel clutch - which clearly had an impact judging by the screams of pain coming from both ladies.

And this really set the tone for the rest of the contest as both Havoc and Autumn Rose got to display their full array of skills on one another in this exciting back and forth contest.

They were so well matched that every time one of them seemed to be getting into the ascendency, the other would counteract and fight back to get into the more dominant position herself.

We were treated to some outstanding pro wrestling moves including backbreakers, arm bars, head locks, Boston crabs, body scissors, ankle locks, stinkfaces and combination holds which really put each of these battlers through the wringer.

And to add some extra spark into things, both Havoc and Autumn Rose are not shy about delivering a few verbal jibes along the way too!

It was evident that both of these were desperate to win and they were willing to go to any length to achieve that!

But there can only be one winner of course and boy was she delighted with the brutal way she achieved it!

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