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Havoc Dominates Cocky Gary - Rematch

Oh Gary! How many times do we have to tell you? It doesn’t matter if you are on the mats or in the ring, you are still going to get your butt kicked by these badass babes!!

Havoc is minding her own business and warming up in the ring when her training is interrupted by Gary who wants revenge for the total destruction he suffered at the hands of the smaller but significantly more skilful wrestler the last time they met.

She is more than happy to oblige because if there is one thing Gary should have learned first time round it is that Havoc loves to fight!

And sure enough, she takes him down and begins another relentless session of torture and pain with the excitement and enthusiasm as a kid in a toy shop.

His bold predictions at the start are soon replaced with moans and groans as Havoc remorselessly takes him apart once again.

She applies vicious head locks, body scissors, leg locks, arm bars, a variety of pins and a range of combinations that have him tapping furiously because of the sheer pain he is suffering.

Havoc has grit and determination all over her pretty face whenever she hits him with a move - this girl sure ain’t playing when it comes to beating up cocky, pathetic weaklings like Gary!

He looks so dazed and confused from all the blows that are dished out, that we’re not even sure he knows he is in Manchester or even what his own name is!

The only sound we hear other than his crying out in agony is the sound of him tapping the mats or Havoc’s body when he is desperate to escape.

You really don’t need us to tell you this but by the end, Gary is well and truly put to sleep while Havoc celebrates over him.

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