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Havoc Dominates Cocky Gary

You’ve got to admire Gary’s confidence and persistence. Defeat after defeat hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm or belief that he can beat tough, skilled female wrestlers on the mats.

Here he takes on beautiful Havoc up in Manchester and he probably assumes his size advantage gives him a considerable chance of defeating the young talent.

That chance seems to be wiped out in seconds as Havoc wraps her strong arms around his head and takes him down to the grounds where she proceeds to give him a sheer beat down!

Gary tries to resist but once she has him trapped between her powerful thighs and is ramping up the pressure, the only sensible thing he can do is submit!

Havoc is relentless and she wastes little time after a submission by immediately going on to the attack once again to inflict more damage on him and well and truly put him in his place.

She is like a wrecking machine who wants to demolish Gary and leave absolutely no trace of him by the time this one is over.

She forces him to desperately tap out through some painful looking holds including camel clutches, head scissors, arm bars, head locks, schoolgirl pins, body scissors and many combinations which inflict twice as much damage.

Havoc seems to have a thirst for points and we lost count of how many submissions she’d earned after about five minutes!

Right from the start it seemed like it was a case of damage limitation for Gary but it still feels as if he has suffered total carnage in her hands!

While Gary offers nothing in response, Havoc just continues to chop him down to size and leave him battered and broken on the mats.

The powerhouse that is Havoc certainly enjoys her victory pose over the remains of his body at the end of this one!

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