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Gia the Giant squashes Athena

With her vast wrestling and MMA experience, the awesome Athena has every right to be confident every time she steps on the mats against any opponent.

But it’s not often she comes up against someone with the size and power that gorgeous Canadian amazon Gia the Giant possess.

As soon as they faced off against one another on the MWC mats, it was clear that Athena would have her work cut out to fend off Gia’s onslaught and this was evident as soon the bigger girl effortlessly lifted her smaller foe off her feet in a bear hug.

But fair play to the English babe! She isn’t the sort of girl who just rolls over and becomes anyone’s victim without putting up a fight and she tried to get her strong legs going immediately by wrapping them around Gia’s torso.

Sadly Athena though, this didn’t have the desired effect. In fact, the scissors had no effect whatsoever as Gia used her huge size advantage to start crushing her.

Athena moaned and groaned as Gia went to work and whatever she tried, she couldn’t stop the Canadian from doing what she wanted.

And this included devastating schoolgirl pins, painful body scissors, excruciating head locks and choke holds, impromptu lift and carry sessions and dominating cross body pins.

The submissions came as Athena, despite her best efforts, could not stem the tide that was washing over her almost non-stop.

To her immense credit, Athena certainly kept trying to chop down the mountain that is Gia at every opportunity using head locks and scissors on those rare occasions she could lock them in.

But ultimately there was only ever going to be one winner in this match and Gia showed her dominance by leaving her battered rival out cold on the mats underneath her well-earned victory pose!

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