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Gia the Giant lifts and carries little Dave

Unsurprisingly, Canadian cracker Gia the Giant is able to chew up wimps like Little Dave whenever they dare to square up to her in wrestling matches.

And it will probably come as no surprise that the gorgeous powerful amazon is able to lift and carry him around with very little effort and a lot of ease either!

When she faces him on the mats - dressed in her glorious tiny yellow bikini - she is amused and taken with how cute, small and light he actually is.

And Gia wastes little time in wrapping her strong arms around him and hoisting Little Dave up in them to begin her impressive demonstration.

It looks as if she is carrying a little baby boy in her arms as she starts to strut around the MWC mats with him. Little Dave is obviously enjoying it too and who can blame him while he is wrapped up in her warm embrace?!

You can really see how strong she is as there appears to be virtually no effort on her part to lift him up from behind or while he is facing her.

To mix things up, Gia orders him to get on her back and she gives him a piggy back which leaves Little Dave more than a little nervous give how high he is off the ground!

Gia playfully teases him as she goes through a range of different holds to demonstrate her power, including a Superman rack, a fireman’s lift, dangling him by his ankles and having him perched sky high on her shoulders while she walks around the arena!

By the end, Gia has proved what a supreme and strong athlete she is and both she and Dave are clearly pleased with their efforts!

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