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Gia the Giant dominates Andrew - rematch

We know that before their first fight, Andrew was convinced he was tougher than the incredible American babe Gia the Giant.

And that must have been what drove him to go looking for a rematch rather than his actual performance first time around - where he had been left flat on the mats after being completely mauled by Gia!

Here, she is in the MWC Ring of Pain, stretching those long, luscious legs of hers when plucky Andrew arrives all ready for redemption. Naturally Gia laughs at him and tells him to pucker up and get ready to kiss her ass again!

Sure enough, she is straight on the attack and grabbing his torso between those powerful arms and squeezing the life out of Andrew and ramming him into the ropes before hurling him to the canvas.

And, just like first time around, it becomes crystal clear that Andrew’s best moment again would be the pre-fight chat as Gia takes control and gives him a reminder he did not want about the pain he was forced to endure last time!

If anything, she is more brutal than last time as she is no doubt offended at him dismissing her first victory as “lucky”.

Andrew gets stomped on, she drops her full weight on his prone body and takes him to wrestling school with moves including schoolgirl pins, face sitting, head locks, body scissors, cross body pins and head scissors. He is made to worship her feet and, of course, kiss her butt!

All the while, Gia wears a sadistic smile of satisfaction on her face while Andrew tests the acoustics of the venue with his screams of sheer pain and panic.

Her victory is even more emphatic than last time and she sums it up best in her victory pose: “That’s right, I’m the Queen and you’re just a dead loser”.

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